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Buying Jade Jewelry – Assurance Guarantee


The motto of SUSIU is to ‘let everyone buy jade with peace of mind.’ In 2015, SUSIU introduced an innovative third-party appraisal and guarantee transaction model. All items on the platform must be sent to the independent jewelry appraisal laboratory of Appraisal Treasure for a secondary examination of authenticity, flaws, cracks, color differences, and size, as well as origin verification, to ensure authenticity and consistency with the descriptions. They are then sent to authoritative jewelry testing stations to obtain jewelry appraisal certificates, providing a dual verification process, and ensuring 100% authenticity.

Buying Jade Jewelry - Assurance Guarantee

Origin Verification for Peace of Mind

The origin of each jade item is clearly stated, and it undergoes origin verification by the GID Jade Laboratory before shipping to ensure transparency. If the retest results are inconsistent, returns and refunds are supported.

One Million Yuan Compensation for Fakes

Every finished product is authenticated by nationally recognized authoritative appraisal institutions, with a commitment to 100% authenticity and providing one million yuan in guarantees, valid for a lifetime from the receipt of the item.

Seven Days of Free Returns and Exchanges

Non-customized processed items and non-auctioned items have a 7-day appreciation period, during which buyers can initiate returns without reason after receiving the courier, and enjoy a certain number of free return and exchange opportunities.

Appraisal Treasure, in collaboration with GID Jade Laboratory, has set up jewelry appraisal laboratories in the Foshan Pingzhou board material base, Sihui raw material base, and Ruili rough stone base, going directly to the source of the supply market, ensuring purchases in the morning, appraisals in the afternoon, and same-day delivery.

Appraisal Treasure Service Full Protection:

01 Appraisal Team, Multiple Verifications

Hundreds of professional appraisers (certified with NGTC, GIC, GAC, FGA, etc.) personally inspect and verify the items.

02 Nationally Recognized Jewelry Appraisal Certificates

After re-examination, items are sent to GID Jade Laboratory for testing and issuance of nationally recognized authoritative appraisal certificates.

03 Secure Shopping Payment

Payment to the factory/owner is settled only after the item has been inspected and confirmed to be acceptable by the buyer.

04 Comprehensive Record of the Appraisal Process

The entire process from inventory to shipment is recorded on video to ensure clarity, transparency, and traceability.

05 Seven-Day Appreciation Period, No Return Fees

Buyers can return or exchange items without reason within 7 days of receiving the courier (excluding processing, customization, and auction items). Return shipping and insurance fees are borne by Appraisal Treasure.

06 Lifetime Re-Examination, One Million Yuan Compensation for Fakes

If there are doubts about the appraisal certificate’s conclusion, buyers can request a re-examination at offline nationally recognized authoritative institutions, with multiple reports for comparison.

Experience the Appraisal Treasure Testing Process:

01 Measurement with a Ruler

Measure the physical dimensions to check if they match the host’s and item’s descriptions, or if they are too thin, etc.

02 Weighing on an Electronic Scale

Measure the actual weight to check for discrepancies.

03 Light Examination

Inspect color and internal flaws by shining a light on the item.

04 Observation with a Magnifying Glass

Examine material, structure, and surface for the presence of cracks.

05 Sent for Secondary GID Appraisal

Obtain a nationally recognized authoritative jewelry appraisal certificate from the GID Jade Laboratory.


Q1 Which items can have certificates issued?

All items except raw stones and welfare items are supported.

Q2 How long is the authenticity guarantee period?

The authenticity guarantee for all product categories is valid for a lifetime from the buyer’s receipt of the courier.”


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