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As for the quality of Hotan Jade, we often hear about various indicators, such as oiliness, whiteness, muddy thickness, purity, etc. Many novices may be confused by these concepts. In fact, the essence of jade quality is determined by the following factors.


Hotan Jade

‘Pure and flawless’ is praise for high-quality white jade, indicating that flawless is one of the standards for good jade. When selecting Hotan Jade, try to select works that are free of defects, black spots, and high cleanliness.


Generally speaking, Hotan Jade with a high degree of delicacy has a high sense of warmth. Good Hotan Jade can’t see the structure with an ordinary magnifying glass. And some materials can see cotton dots with the naked eye, but in fact, their structure is relatively coarse and loose.


Many people think that the whiter Hetian jade is, the better, but in fact, it is not. From a professional point of view, the beauty of Hotan Jade mainly comes from its delicacy and warmth. On this basis, the whiter the better, and the lack of delicate and warm white is meaningless.


Oiliness includes two aspects, one is the visual oily luster, and the other is the tactile oily feeling. It looks both greasy and soft. The oiliness in the hand refers to a slightly resistant and slippery feeling, just like holding a mound of oil in your hand and pushing it with your hand, giving you a feeling that the oil is about to melt away.

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