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Floating green jadeite ring bracelet, the jade is delicate and moist

Price: $5,882.00

Floating green jadeite ring bracelet, the ring opening is 56.5*16.7*8mm, the jade quality is fine and moist, the color is delicate and bright, noble and elegant

Weight: 0.350 kg

Dimensions: 40 × 25 × 2.5 cm

Size: 56.5X16.7X0.8 cm

Shape: bracelet, ring

Circle mouth: 56.5mm

place of origin: Myanmar

Type: Jade Bangles

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Maintenance care:

Do not touch oil

Oil stains are easy to adhere to the surface of jadeite, affecting the luster of jadeite. It can be cleaned with a soft cloth, wiped dry and then polished with a silk cloth.

Avoid high temperature exposure

Jade is formed in a low-temperature and high-pressure environment, and high-temperature baking will damage it and affect the polishing effect.

Do not hit hard objects

Emerald has high hardness, brittle texture, and is easily broken after impact.


Is SUSIU’s jadeite natural?

It is a natural jade A product. All products have been inspected by a third-party appraisal center and are equipped with an authoritative appraisal certificate. Lifelong support for re-inspection. Once a fake is found, the maximum compensation is 100,000 US dollars.

How long can I ship after payment?

After the buyer pays, the source factory will deliver the goods to the SUSIU third-party appraisal center for inspection within 24 hours. After the actual product is tested to be consistent with the picture description, it will be sent to an authoritative jewelry inspection agency for re-inspection. After the re-inspection is correct, SUSIU will send it to the buyer. Home. After payment, it is usually sent to the buyer in 1-3 days, and it will be postponed on holidays.

palm width Bracelet Inner Circumference Correspondence bracelet size
61-64 130-150 50-52
64-70 150-170 52-54
70-74 170-190 54-56
74-78 190-210 56-58
78-82 210-230 58-60

*If you are buying a round bracelet or those with thicker hand bones and joints, you can add 2mm to the inner diameter of the bracelet.

*Before wearing, please wet your hands with clean water, use hand sanitizer to make foam on your hands and bracelets, and wear them after fully lubricating.


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