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Natural authentic jade bangle ring mouth 56-57 weight 55.53g

Price: $783.00

The Natural Jadeite bangle is a genuine gemstone bangle with a bezel size of 56-57mm. It weighs 55.53 grams and is made from natural jadeite.

Material: Emerald

Style: Jade Bangles

size: 56.3*12.3*7.9mm

Origin: Myanmar

Brand: Susiu

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The Natural Jadeite bangle is a genuine gemstone bangle with a bezel size of 56-57mm. It weighs 55.53 grams and is made from natural jadeite.

This bangle features high-quality jadeite with a clear and bright color, typical of emerald green. Jadeite holds special significance in Chinese culture and is widely used in amulets and ornaments.

The bangle classic and timeless design is suitable for all occasions and clothing styles. Whether for a personal collection or as a gift for loved ones, it is also an excellent investment choice.

By purchasing this natural jadeite bangle, you not only acquire a quality piece but also embrace the auspiciousness and luck that jadeite brings.

Palm measurement method:

Palm width bangle Inner Circumference bangle Inner Diameter
61-64 130-150 50-52
64-70 150-170 52-54
70-74 170-190 56-58
74-78 210-230 58-60
82 or more 230 or more over 60

Method 1. Palm width measurement method: Use a ruler to measure the widest part of the palmar joints (excluding the thumb).

Palm measurement method

Method two circumference measurement method: Put five fingers together and squeeze tightly, and use a soft ruler (rope or paper strip) to measure the circumference of the thickest part of the hand.

Q1 Is the jadeite on the website a natural A product?

It is a natural jade A product. All finished products have been inspected by the jade laboratory and are equipped with an authoritative identification certificate. Re-inspection is supported for life. Once a fake is found, the maximum compensation is 1 million RMB.

Q2 After payment, how to ensure the safety of funds?

In order to reduce the cost to the greatest extent, this platform uniformly uses USDT for payment. Please rest assured that your funds are safe, and we will contact you as soon as possible after receiving the payment.

Q3 How long will it take to deliver the goods after payment?

For the goods sold directly by taking pictures, after the buyer pays, the seller will deliver the goods to the SUSIU Emerald laboratory for inspection within 24 hours. After checking that the actual product is consistent with the description in the picture, SUSIU will send it to the buyer. Usually, 1-3 days after payment can be sent to the buyer

Q4 Does the delivery include free shipping?

Yes, shipping to buyers is guaranteed and free shipping.

Q5 How do I return the product if I am not satisfied with it?

Goods that are successfully traded have an appreciation period, and buyers can initiate an unreasonable return within 7 days from the date of receipt of the express delivery!


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